How to properly maintain your Android phone

The mobile phone is a small computer and thus has the same maintenance requirements as a laptop, so that it remains in good condition.

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If you neglect it, it will soon start showing problems in both its software and hardware. Keep in mind that any hardware inevitably degrades over time, and maintaining it is essentially trying to extend its life as long as possible.

But let's look at the ways to maintain your Android phone, first for its hardware and then for its software.

Follow your battery's instructions

Android, smartphone, phone, telephone, mobile

Depending on the phone you have in your hands, the manufacturer has equipped it with a battery. Although most are now lithium-ion, you should find out what the manufacturer recommends for maintaining it in order to extend its life.

In general, however, follow the four basic rules below:

  • Avoid using your phone in extreme weather conditions or doing anything that causes it to overheat. Ideally, your phone should be between 0° and 35°C.
  • Don't use your phone while it's charging, as it generates even more heat in the process than your fast charger already does.
  • Avoid wireless charging as it generates unnecessary heat. Using a regular wired wall charger is the best way to charge your phone.
  • Αποφύγετε τη φόρτιση κατά τη διάρκεια της νύχτας ενώ αυτό είναι σε λειτουργία, καθώς ένας μεγάλος χρονικά κύκλος είναι πιο επιβλαβής για την of the battery from short charging cycles during the day.

Avoid exposure to water and dust

Android, smartphone, phone, telephone, mobile

Just as you wouldn't expose your laptop to water and dust, try to avoid these two disastrous scenarios for your mobile phone as well. The damage that can be caused most of the time is not immediately apparent, but is felt only when it is already too late and you are not sure what is wrong with your phone.

There are even IP68 dust-waterproof phones on the market, but they're still not invincible. For example, prolonged exposure to water can sometimes cause rust on the charging port, and dust can enter the speaker or microphone and affect call quality.

Use a case and screen protector

smartphone transparent case laptop phone

Aside from the youth fad of putting a ring on the back of their phone for a better grip while typing, most people use a case and screen protector to protect their phone from accidental drops.

Accessories are pretty cheap, so if they are damaged over time, you can just replace them. We would recommend a wallet-like case that protects the phone from all sides.

Clean the openings

clean charging port iphone

Over time, dust will accumulate in all the holes of your phone. Dust in the USB port can interrupt charging and data transfer. If you have a port for the headphone jack it will start to not press well and cause interference, degrading the quality of the call on the microphone and speaker.

To remove dust and lint, πάρτε μια οδοντογλυφίδα ή το εργαλείο s SIM and gently scrape the contacts from the openings.

Keep it clean

smartphone phone

As I will you were cleaning your laptop screen which would be full of fingerprints and dust so should you with your phone. Because of its touch screen and overall small size, the phone is more prone to stink.

Over time the screen, camera and frame of your phone will get dirty from dust and your fingers. Some phones have an oleophobic coating on the screen that prevents fingerprint marks, but this coating won't last forever.

Therefore, it is a good idea to clean your phone at least once a day. Apart from the fact that it is also a matter of hygiene.

Take it to the experts for repair

Android, smartphone, phone, telephone, mobile

If your phone needs repair, avoid trying to repair it yourself. Unless you're an expert.

You may end up creating even more problems than already exist. Instead, take it to an authorized repair center for best results.

Don't fill up the storage space

Android, smartphone, phone, telephone, mobile

But let's see how to maintain the software. For starters, make sure your phone's storage isn't full. If there isn't enough space for new files and apps (even temporary ones), your phone will start lagging and slowing down.

The fastest way to free up storage space is to delete all the unused apps from your phone and delete all the photos that you really either don't need or are just a failure and have been sitting there for years.

Update your apps and operating system

Android, smartphone, phone, telephone, mobile

Software updates are important for your phone because they help improve performance, increase power efficiency, remove bugs, and add new features. You can easily find the update option through the settings to see if a new operating system update is available.

Το ίδιο ισχύει και για τις εφαρμογές στο τηλέφωνό σας. Η ενημέρωση τους ελαχιστοποιεί τα σφάλματα. Για να ενημερώσετε τις εφαρμογές στο τηλέφωνό σας Android, ανοίξτε την εφαρμογή Google Play , πατήστε στην εικόνα του προφίλ σας, επιλέξτε “Διαχείριση εφαρμογών και συσκευής” και πατήστε “Ενημέρωση όλων”.

Avoid games and apps that your phone can't handle

google play games 2

Even if you don't have the best Android phone, you shouldn't try to push your device to its limits. Even flagship phones will struggle to maintain top performance if you play graphics intensive games for long periods of time.

If you have a low-budget or mid-range phone like most of us, you should avoid playing these games altogether as it is very likely that your phone will overheat and the processor will not be able to handle the heavy workload. As a result, your phone will lag, freeze and may even restart itself.

Do not download apps and files from unverified sources

Android, smartphone, phone, telephone, mobile

This should be obvious, but many people fall victim to malware because they downloaded something from the web without a second thought.

The Google Play Store is a safe repository of apps, for the most part. But even there, dangerous apps have appeared from time to time. Basically all app stores have potentially dangerous apps. Even more so when the repository does not have the reputation of a serious company or if you download from websites that provide you with apk applications directly, outside of the repository.

Don't browse sites that look obviously fraudulent and avoid clicking on links that feel like bait.

Restart your phone at least once a week

Android, smartphone, phone, telephone, mobile

Smartphones require breaks like any other electronic gadget, and yet many of us never do.

Restarting your phone at least once a week allows it to clear temporary cache files, kill minor bugs, increase performance and maintain battery health, allowing it to run more smoothly for longer.

In conclusion
How well you take care of your phone is one of the many things that affects its lifespan. If you don't maintain your phone at all, it will naturally show signs of deterioration much sooner, and hence, you will need to buy a new phone sooner than necessary.

If properly maintained, you can save money on repair costs and expect better performance in the long run. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Android, smartphone, phone, telephone, mobile

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