How much do you cost?

They have our hands on their cell phones, and their smart watches. They have our ears with AirPods.
What other part of it they will use to pull her and of course earn more money?

The legs seem to be useless. Unless they are needed in the Metaverse. It definitely remains our face and many Well, they definitely want it. And as you can imagine, in the years 2022 some θα αποκαλύψει ένα αναμφίβολα επαναστατικό /software that our person will need.nerd

Apple CEO, , insists that Augmented Reality is the future. Augmented Reality seeks to enhance our human experience, say its proponents. One of them is the honorable Mr. Mark Zuckerberg.

What kind of glasses can Apple create? What kind of sensitivities will it take to make Apple Glasses the next big thing? Will he think of something else? Which company will manage to be original?

On the other hand is the customer. There are those who buy "Apple", "Google", "Armani", "Gucci", or evenRay Ban” to get what; Value; I wouldn't want to believe it, because if I do, my answer will be automatic... Good for them if they think a brand name enhances their features. They were condemned to run and not reach because they do not distinguish between the concepts of "need" and "desire". They especially should not wonder where it was "born". out.

Think about it, then. Do you want an Apple logo on your head? Of course, it will be a stylish Apple logo. At the same time, however, it will be another brand name that you identify with its purpose and ethos (see Mark).

Will you do it or will you fall behind in your gradual robotization?

Of course you know that companies buy advertising space on sites, or even on roadside signs. Are you open to negotiation if they try to buy you in an incredible way that in the end ends up paying you?

What is your price? The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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