PowerShell 7 comes the next PowerShell

Microsoft he said the next version of PowerShell Core. The next version will be PowerShell 7 and not PowerShell Core 6.3 as many expected.

The new PowerShell 7 marks a major change in application development as Microsoft takes another important step by replacing the old and reliable PowerShell 5.1 in Windows with PowerShell Core.

The use of PowerShell Core has increased significantly in the last two years, especially with the Linux platforms integrated into the Microsoft operating system.

However, the use of the application only for Windows remains stagnant. Microsoft justifies stagnation on the Windows platform with PowerShell 5.1, which has features not supported by PowerShell Core.PowerShell 7

Microsoft designed the new PowerShell 7 application to change all of the above. PowerShell 7 is based on .NET Core 3.0 which means that compatibility with Windows PowerShell features increases to over 90%.

PowerShell 7 will eventually be released with Windows 10, but first with the old Windows PowerShell 5.1. This allows users and administrators to use both versions of PowerShell on the same system.

According to the company, the new PowerShell will be released around May 2019 along with the upcoming version Windows features. Of course we should mention that its release also depends on the availability of .NET Core 3.0.

Microsoft has not revealed how it intends to distribute PowerShell 7 on Windows. Most likely it will be added first as an optional feature which will have to be installed separately for one to be able to use it.




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