facebook video ads

Video ads come to Facebook

Ads and video will now be seen by its users Facebook in the near future as the popular social network will give the new promotion potential to its customers.

facebook video ads

Video ads s 15 seconds will start to be seen by its users in the coming months Facebook.

These ads will be called Premium Video Ads and during the repς τους δεν θα έχουν ήχο. Με ένα κλικ ωστόσο η διαφήμιση θα ανοίγει σε όλη την οθόνη και θα ενεργοποιείται παράλληλα και ο . The ads are expected to be released in fairly limited quantities initially to measure how users interact with them.

Advertising will be supervised and evaluated by the company Ace Metrix.


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