PrimeOS: Android operating system on your computer

PrimeOS: The Android operating system is quite flexible, but most of us have only connected it to mobile devices. However, it can be installed on various platforms. PrimeOS comes as an alternative to using Android on older computers.

PrimeOS, although based on the Android-x86 project, has been separated from it. The Prime OS development team seems to have improved this project and so the new operating system has the following features.

PrimeOS Desktop

Features that offer a computer experience, such as boot menu, taskbar, etc.
Support for multiple windows with maximize, minimize, close, resize, etc.
Option to disable multiple windows for any application in case you need it.
General keyboard shortcuts such as alt + tab, alt + f4, win + d etc.
Taskbar with the ability to attach applications, display notifications and system icons.


Android Gaming

Decapro key mapping tool to play games with the keyboard and mouse (Press F12).
Pre mapped popular games such as PUBG, Subway surf etc.
GPU tools are available for fake gpu info for every game.


Opengapps are included, so you do not need to install them manually.
Support for OTA updates, but only if you install the operating system on an EXT4 RW partition.
Upgraded kernel (google LTS linux 4.9.x.)

If you are interested you should know that the PrimeOS installer is still under development. Nevertheless, the ISO is released and seems to work without any particular problems.

Also note that Bluetooth does not work on some devices, and that there may be some hardware issues (such as trackpad, audio and WiFi) on some devices. If you see something that is not working properly, the PrimeOS development team will be happy to report the problem.

Download the operating system


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