Privatezilla 0.50.0 privacy settings of Windows 10

Privatezilla is a Windows 10 privacy settings tool released by the well-known Windows tool developer Builtbybel (or Mirinsoft).

It was originally called SpyDish, but Builtbybel rewrote it from scratch to release it as an open source tool called Privatezilla.117534110 58195880 aff0 11eb 85ae 87dda73ffad8

Like Shutup10, Privatezilla offers full control over Windows 10 privacy settings, including disabling telemetry, licenses, experiments, and other features that could allow Microsoft to collect your usage data.

To use Privatezilla, simply select the various settings you want to disable. When you are ready, you can click Apply to apply the changes.

To see how each option can affect Windows 10 privacy, you can hover your mouse over the option for a brief description, as shown below.

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If you experience problems with your changes, you can always click the Revert button to return to the default Windows 10 settings.

To try Privatezilla, you can download it from its page project on GitHub. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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