Privdog the Superfish in Comodo

Privdog is a privacy software that is available as a standalone product for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It also comes with the well-known Comodo Dragon and Comodo Internet Security security software.

According to Comodo's official website, the software is in the companion browser (Comodo Dragon) as well as in the Comodo Internet Security suite.cis install

But Hacker News reports that if someone scans his computer for Superfish he will get warnings even if Superfish is not installed on the system. Analyzes showed that the warnings came from Privdog software.

The Privdog is designed to block some trackers and ads while browsing the Internet. Blocks all ads that are not hosted directly on the webpage you are going to visit and replaces it with an AdTrustMedia ad.

But the worst thing is that it installs a certificate in the system. Although it does not use the same key for all installations, it undoubtedly presents an even more dangerous behavior: it blocks all the computer certificates and replaces them with its own signed-root certificate with its own root key.Privdog certificates

This means that your browser will accept any certificate, whether it is valid or not.
To be fair, Comodo even though it contains it Privdog does not appear to use such a certificate on the computer.

To remove the software from your system along with the "security" certificate, follow these steps:

Open RUN by typing together the two Win + R keys. In the box that opens, type mmc.exe and press enter.
Go to File, then Add / Remove Snap-in
Select Certificates, click Add,
Select a Computer Account, click Next,
Select Local Computer, click Finish,
Click OK
Look for "Trusted Root Certification Authorities - Certificates" under "Trusted Certification Authorities"

If you are wondering what the relationship between Comodo and PrivDog is: the CEO and founder of Comodo seems to be behind Privdog.

Why, then, and rivdog is something like Superfish? Both products add a security certificate to your computer, making it unsafe. All of this, of course, is done to have more revenue that goes to the parent company (Comodo). Although they do not work the same way, Prvvog is undoubtedly worse in terms of security.

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