Connection issues for PlayStation and Xbox

It's impossible to connect to Sony's PlayStation online and Xbox on-line services from Christmas.

The two companies are telling users that they are trying to fix the problem, which has a "scent" of cyber-attack. A hacker team has taken responsibility for the attack. The team Lizard Squad assume responsibility for the attack, through twitter, however the two companies have not made any relevant official announcement.

Both Sony and Microsoft were looking forward to their online services for PlayStation and Xbox due to their Christmas gifts. In addition, Sony had to deal with the "download" of the striking film The Interview.

However, problems have been identified on Christmas Day and are currently not tackled by the two companies.

In her message to users late in the evening of Christmas, Sony said: "We are still examining the problems that have been reported for the PSN (Its Network PlayStation). Thanks again for your long patience today. "

Microsoft said: "Hello members Xbox. Having trouble connecting to Xbox Live? We are trying to solve the problem directly. "

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