Warning from ELAS

The attempts of the astute to deceive unsuspecting citizens with a new circulating pseudo-message using the information of the Director of the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate, Police Director Vasilios Papakostas, continue.

In particular, the perpetrators, using this information in a letter allegedly from the competent auditing authorities, try to deceive citizens - internet users, under the pretext that the recipient is involved in a case of pornography and other crimes, pointing out that such crimes carry a prison sentence and large fines. monetary fines.04072023apatilominima

In fact, in their attempt to give "authenticity" to the relevant letter, they use the logos of the Hellenic Police and Europol and an impression of a round seal with the alleged signature of the Director of the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate.

In this context, it is announced that the following text - a message circulated via e-mail (email), purporting to be a letter from the Director of the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate, which bears his name, as well as a false stamp with the inscription "EUROPOL" and the signature "Lieutenant Eleni Skyla' is obviously fake and fraudulent and is sent by perpetrators who are obviously trying to deceive - mislead the citizens and then obtain an illegal financial benefit.

Citizens are requested not to respond and to delete the specific message, as well as "not to open" the attached files to avoid being infected by malicious software.

It is recalled that more tips to avoid defrauding citizens are posted on the website of the Hellenic Police (www.astynomia.gr), in the "Citizen's Guide/Useful tips" section, while additional information and tips on incidents of electronic fraud are available on the Directorate's website Electronic Crime Prosecution www.cyberalert.gr.

For the citizens to be more fully informed, the above image from the e-mail message, as well as from the fraudulent letter, is listed.

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