Apple Apple Search: Apple is preparing its own search engine

In the smartphones sector Apple and Google are "at the knife", with both companies wanting to dominate the market.


But this is the contradiction according to Cult of Mac, it will also be transferred to the search engines, with Apple to prepare its own proposal.

This resulted from an Apple ad to search engineer to deal with project Apple Search:

Apple seeks a technical, driven and creative program manager to manage backend operations projects for a search platform supporting hundreds of millions of users. Play and part in revolutionizing how people use their computers and mobile devices. Manage operational projects that support groundbreaking technology and the most scalable big-data systems in existence.

Also, according to Cult of Mac, Apple is probably already working on this project, as it has hired 2012 William Stasior, who was the head of search for Amazon and AltaVista, while Siri, we could say, is a search engine that searches on search engines.

Finally, note that end of 2015 expires which Apple had signed with Google for its use search engine on iOS devices, with Yahoo and Bing wanting to make these exquisite, but Apple seems to have other plans.


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