Caution! See who sees your Facebook profile

An application (InstaFace) that is NOT hosted on Facebook (although they have tried to make it look like this) claims that it can show you who sees your profile. Not valid.
On the contrary, in case you fall into the trap, the application starts to retransmit the "new" through your account.

So it looks like you posted a weird link as shown in the image below:

What does spam say:

FINALLY: See who sees your Facebook profile!

Due to a technical error in Facebook systems that was discovered several days ago, it is now possible to access information about visitors on your profile page and in public photos. Although Facebook collects this data, it does not provide it to users.

To see if a list of visitors to your profile is available, please click the "Continue" button below and follow the instructions.

Do not do the following steps:

The page asks you to continue

And immediately after it asks you to add a bookmark which as you can see below contains a javascript.

What is certain is that fraudsters will gain access to your account and will be able to publish under your name.

In a quick search I did IP seems to belong to Google, so the master behind the scam is probably using some of the company's cloud VPS.

The domain does not ping but works normally, which means that the malicious campaign in this subdomain was made especially for Greeks.

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