4.1 billion fine to Google

Google he lost most of the first round of the fight to overturn the record $4,3 billion fine originally imposed on it by the European Union.


It was started by the head of the EU's antitrust authority, Margrethe Vestager, who had the sensitivity to highlight the issue.

Judges upheld the vast majority of the European Commission's arguments, but reduced the penalty to 4,1 billion euros after finding errors in some of the regulator's analysis and because Google's right to a fair hearing had been partially violated.

"The General Court largely confirms the Commission's decision that Google imposed unlawful restrictions on Android mobile device manufacturers and mobile network providers in order to consolidate its search engine dominance," the EU-based court said in a statement. in Luxembourg.

The Android case is one of three decisions that have been central to Vestager's effort to rein in the company's growing dominance of Silicon Valley. It has already fined Alphabet's Google more than €8 billion and has since opened new investigations into the company's suspicious behaviors with digital advertising.

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