Fine to a company for sending spam

Kogan, a trading company in Australia, "won" a fine 237.811 $ (AU $ 310.800) following an investigation by the Australian Communications Authority (ACMA) which found that its online affiliate was in gross violation of spam laws.

The ACMA investigation revealed that Kogan sent more than 42 million email marketing to consumers from December 13 to 15, 2019, which could not be easily deleted.

To remove the company customers from the list they had to create an account with a password, log in to their account and then delete.

According to the Australian Spam Act, commercial e-mails must contain a functional deletion feature.

"Kogan breaches have affected millions of consumers. "ACMA has received complaints from several recipients of Kogan emails expressing their frustration and concern about the company's practices," said ACMA President Nerida O'Loughlin.

"Businesses must comply with the unsubscribe requirements of the junk mail rules. This research makes it clear that no one can force customers to set a password to log in and unsubscribe from receiving commercial messages. ”

O'Loughlin noted that ACMA sent Kogan "multiple compliance notices" before the investigation began.

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