How To Protect Your Credit Card Online

There are some basic rules that you must adhere to, such as keeping your credit card details away from indiscreet looks online and offline.encrypted CC-lock online

There is nothing like the feeling of a successful purchase after a tough online bazaar, as well, there is nothing to the feeling of being a victim of a credit card fraud.

With high-profile violations, which happen very often, you should always be alert about your online credit card use.

The basic tips for safe shopping are constantly mentioned here in but here in this article we will try to gather them and add some additional suggestions.

Enter your credit card information only in secure locationsax

We have mentioned several times: Before each transaction, look for an HTTPS link to the URL, green padlock, or other digital security certificate that will ensure that your data goes to a site that encrypts the end-to-end transaction. Never send your credit card details via email.

Buy a prepaid card for online transactions

For those who want to keep them online their purchases completely separate from everyday credit card transactions, prepaid cards are an option to consider. They can either be bought online or traditionally by your bank for a small amount.

Prepaid credit cards allow you to have a fixed amount of money at the time of purchasing a product. The advantages are too many, but the biggest thing is that even you steal your card details, they will not find money to get, or if they find the amount will be limited.

Some banks will let you create a virtual credit card number to complete your purchases. This is generally a one-time number that you can enter into your PIN.

Keep track of the bank's updates for any unusual transaction

Many banks have sophisticated 24 / 7 tracking systems designed to detect fraud and more generally for unauthorized use of a credit card. However, it is important to read the lists of your transactions both online and on the paper that the bank sends to you. If you find anything suspicious, call your bank directly.

Enable additional security measures on your credit card

Many credit cards have an extra level of security that may not be enabled by default. MasterCard has a product called SecureCode. This feature is a private code that you enter whenever a transaction takes place on a website that supports it and never reveals to the retailer.

Verified by Visa, on the other hand, offers a personal message that greets you when you make a transaction, as well as a password to allow a purchase. Check with your bank to see if any of these options are available. Checking for SecureCode is from here, while Verified by Visa can be found on the Visa page of your area.

Some banks also have their own verification system that works instead of SecureCode and Verified by Visa. This may include a message that the bank sends and contains a one-time PIN or a security code on your phone as a second security layer.

Please check your browser settings

Turning AutoFill off in your browser settings is necessary to avoid accidentally storing your credit card number or personal information.

To Chrome, go to Settings and select Show advanced settings. In "Passwords and Forms", click Manage AutoFill Settings. Delete any credit card information that has been automatically saved there, and then clear Enable AutoFill to fill out web forms with a single chrome card

To Firefox, click the Menu button, and select Options. Find the privacy tab and look for the drop-down box for history. Here, select Use custom settings for history. Then, uncheck Keep Search History and Form Fillers.Firefox Firefox Card

To Safari, go to Preferences. Click the AutoFill tab, then clear the options for memorizing form data, including selecting your credit card.

Card safari online

At Internet Explorer, click the top right gear for the settings and select Internet Options. From the Content tab, click Settings next to the AutoComplete section and clear the Forms,Cardeplorer online

Think about where and how you can use your card

To reduce the chance of becoming a victim of a large-scale violation through a retailer, enter your credit card details every time you make a purchase.

Also, be sure to use a separate password for each account you make with an online seller. It should be different from the codes used in your e-mail accounts and more generally in other online services.

Something you may not think is the physical location that you enter your credit card details.

Sounds obvious, but do not type your data in a public view where others can see your screen. For example, in public transport it could be extremely convenient to make a transaction from your tablet, but you have to think about who is looking over your shoulder.

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