Protect your system from attacking Google Chrome

In the morning we published a pre for του Google Chrome στα Windows. Σύμφωνα με την Defense Code ένα bug στον Chrome της Google επιτρέπει επιθέσεις μέσω των αυτόματων λήψεων του προγράμματος περιήγησης.Google Chrome

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Turn off automatic downloads in Google Chrome

An option for your security is to disable automatic downloads through the application settings.

From the Chrome address

chrome: // settings

scroll down and click on “show advanced settings” or Show settings….
Further down you will find the Downloads section.
Check “where to save each file before downloading” as below .

Google Chrome

By simply enabling this setting, Chrome will ask you where to save the files each time before downloading from browsing.


Although you add a level of protection to manipulating Chrome downloads, edited SCF files may come in different ways in systems targeting hackers.

One of the protection options that users and system administrators have is to close the ports used by SMB traffic through the firewall (). Microsoft has a driver that you can use, and suggests blocking communication to and from the Internet on the SMB 137, 138, 139, and 445 ports.

Warning: Excluding these ports can also affect other Windows services such as fax service, print spooler, local area networking, or file and printer sharing. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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