The first floating wind-solar test

China's state-owned utility State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) has launched the world's first commercial offshore floating solar powered in conjunction with an offshore wind turbine.

ocean sun solar wind

Electrek he says:

SPIC is one of the five major electricity supply companies in China and the world's largest photovoltaic company.

The tests are taking place off the coast of Haiyang, a city in Shandong, eastern China.

The project uses the patented floating solar energy technology of Norway-based Ocean Sun.

The two solar floats (see photo above) have a peak power of 0,5 megawatts. They are connected to a transformer on a wind turbine owned by SPIC, and then an undersea cable runs from the wind turbine to the power grid.

If the tests are completed successfully, the plan is to build a 20 MW floating wind-solar farm in 2023 using Ocean Sun's technology. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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