View and edit file properties with Nirsoft's free PropertySystemView

PropertySystemView is another free application from the famous developer Nir Sofer and her of Nirsoft. The program is in a stable version and can view and edit the properties of a file.


The PropertySystemView program provides a very detailed way to view the attributes of a file used by the Windows property system. But, it can do more than just view the properties, as it allows you to modify them. This can be useful if you want to maintain or add some metadata to a file, such as last-date storage information, author information or EXIF, etc.

It runs on Windows Vista and above, at 32 or 64 Bit and is portable, ie it runs without the need for a previous installation. Its appearance is simple. Once you run it you will see a menu bar at the top, a toolbar just below it, a large blank area where you can enter the path of the file and finally a large properties window where the various features of the selected file are displayed.

Once you load the path of a file you will see all its properties and metadata in the bottom window. To load a file you can specify its path or simply drag it to the main window of the pro.

Eleven columns appear in the properties window: Canonical (Κανονικό όνομα), Display Name (Εμφανιζόμενο όνομα), Formatted (Μορφοποιημένη τιμή), Raw Value (Ακατέργαστη τιμή), Read Only (Μόνο για ανάγνωση), Viewable (Ορατό), Property Type (Τύπος ιδιότητας), Multiple Values (Πολλαπλές τιμές), Property Key (Κλειδί ιδιοτήτων), Enum List (Λίστα) και Index (Ευρετήριο).

Make it in a column name to sort it in ascending or descending order. The View menu houses a column editor that has toggles for each column and also allows you to rearrange them.

The Options menu has a toggle to display only the properties that are editable. Enable "Grid Lines" to improve the readability of the properties. Right-click anywhere in the properties window to see the built-in context menu.

You can add, edit or remove a property. Double-clicking on a line also displays the ιδιοτήτων ή μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε τη συντόμευση πληκτρολογίου + no.

PropertySystemView supports inline options . You can learn more about them, on the official website of the program.

It doesn't have a Greek version, but you can download another one as an auxiliary file, make the Greek translation of the terms on it and attach the auxiliary language file to the same installation folder. If you do such a work, please send it to Nir Sofer to share with everyone. For the joy of sharing. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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