The fake world of the internet

Companies present fake portraits of people, made by artificial intelligence as their human resources.

informa systems fake pictures

Companies are using fake photos of faces created by artificial intelligence (AI) programs as their human resources and even in managerial positions.

Photos are usually posted in the "About Us" section to give a false impression of a larger workforce and accordingly a large company.

The revelations are result of investigation by journalist Evan Ratliff for Business Insider, which found that companies are using AI image generators to create a staff that looks more impressive online.

Ratliff spoke to one such company that confirmed it was using photos of people who don't exist on its website, passing them off as staff.

"This practice conveys the right message. That it's a big company working with professionals," says Lukas, who runs an Austrian student exam preparation company called takeIELTS, which used fake photos.

Ratliff also reports that he noticed several anomalies among the "workers". Example a person who had one side of their face shaved closer than the other.

The journalist finally notes that some companies want to "project a level of diversity", as well as pretend that the company has more staff than it actually does.

Another company that uses fake photos is Informa Systems, where the photo in this article is from. The photo purporting to be Roger Tendul, the marketing director of Informa System, has been widely used online, including as a promotional image for a dating site.

Most companies after the revelations rushed to change their websites and remove the fake staff photos.

Η AI based image generation in neural network programs fed by millions of real photos used to update the software.

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