Digital tour: Nikola Tesla - The man from the future

Ο Nikola Tesla he was a complex personality. His scientific and technological work, as well as the human values ​​he advocated, have gone down in history. He invented the alternating current and fought for its spread, aiming at no financial gain.

The great exhibition that highlights its greatness Nikola Tesla and his unique inventions, is offered with free online monitoring by the Kotsana Museum that supports his young and old friends who stay at home!

Nikola Tesla

The Kotsana Museum of Ancient Greek Technology actively supports the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Government, #DigitalSolidarityGR and brings science and technology to the screens of our homes!

At a time when we are all called to show individual and social responsibility while staying at home, the Museum invites us to make creative use of our free time and invites us to an online journey of education and entertainment through the digital visit to the exhibition "Nikola Tesla - Man from the future ", an exhibition trusted by thousands of young and old visitors and traveled this year for the first time to Athens by the Museum"Nikola TeslaOf Belgrade.

The reins of the experiential tour are held by the experienced Museum educators of the Museum, Eva and Dimitris, ready to accompany us on a fascinating journey to his great inventions Nikola Tesla, giving even more the opportunity to discover it!

At the same time, the opportunity is provided to students and teachers who had launched their visit to the exhibition, but the rapid developments did not allow its realization, to meet the great scientist through the use of the offered material of the digital tour in a telecourse.

The digital tour of the exhibition "Nikola Tesla - The man from the future "was carefully designed by the specialized scientific staff of the Museum, to offer the public a unique interactive experience and to highlight all aspects of his personality Nikola Tesla. An inventor of "light years" ahead of his time! (The video is below)

A few words about the report:

Come "electrify", experiment, play and discover the limits of the vision and genius of one of the most emblematic personalities in History, the great Inventor of the 20th century Nikola Tesla!

She is a complex personality, remarkable both for her scientific and technological work, and for the human values ​​she advocated. He invented the alternating current and fought for its spread, aiming at no financial gain.

"The present is theirs. The future, for which I have really worked, is mine ", he states characteristically, revealing part of his character. He was indifferent to praise and fame and died poor and alone, leaving a legacy of technologies used today more than ever.

The exhibition includes a combination of exhibits, from models to scale, such as his laboratory Nikola Tesla at Colorado Springs, the Niagara Falls hydroelectric plant, the vertical take-off plane, and operating models of its inventions, such as the induction motor and the Tesla coil, to visual and audio elements in information panels and video rooms.

The future of Tesla, as he envisioned it, is presented in the present, the past of Tesla "comes to life" in the present, the story of the greatest inventor is rewritten on your screens!

• The public can watch the digital tour of the website for free:

• The exhibition is interactive and educational and is aimed at visitors of all ages, as well as those interested in science and technology.

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