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Εκεί που άλλα VPN δεν μπορούν να συνδεθούν, το Psiphon θα βρει έναν τρόπο. Πρόκειται για μια εφαρμογή ανοιχτού κώδικα που βασίζεται σε κορυφαίες τεχνολογίες ασφάλειας και δικτύων που προέρχονται από την έρευνα.


From social media, to gaming or VOIP, the Psiphon app is designed to help you access the online content and services you love, even if they're blocked where you are.

The developers of the application manage a secure network of servers that are constantly changing and use many protocols, resistant to blocking. All of this is aimed at giving you access to an open internet.

The Psiphon project is free for users everywhere and as an open source platform, the software is often reviewed by other developers.

Psiphon app is secure and high performance. It provides open access to the internet without censorship for millions of people around the world, with 150.000.000+ downloads.

Here we should mention that in the free version of the application the browsing speed is limited to 2Mb/s. If you don't enable the Speed ​​Boost feature, your speed will be limited. Of course Speed ​​Boost costs money and should be paid for with PsiCash.

The private digital currency ensures the privacy of the company as well as the end user.

No registration is required to obtain and operate the application. Just download the application from the link below and log in for free.

You will have access to a very large selection of VPN protocols and configuration options with custom proxy settings.

The application also offers very fast speeds but are available for a fee.

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