PufferSphere M ball display for 360-grade video

The market for 360-degree devices has escaped thanks to VR audiovisual media such as the Oculus Rift. But as more and more cameras come on the market, in addition to headphones and binoculars for your eyes to see on a flat screen, there are a few ways to watch these videos in a fun, dynamic way.PufferSphere M

The screen PufferSphere M the company's Pufferfish is a global screen that lets you watch 360 degrees, as if you were watching them from a globe.

You can simply move your fingers to look at the video scenes from all sides and more "globally". It may seem a little strange, but it is a solution that definitely "hits" the eye.

The screen is available in 600, 760, and 900 mm diameter. The acrylic screen uses a DLL projector with 8.000 lumens. The screen is available for business, and if 360 degree craziness prevails, we expect the CES 2018 to be packed with ball-shaped 16K TVs.

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