Pulsar footprint network scanner

The Press is an automated footprint network scanner for Red Teams, Pentesters and Bug Hunters. Focuses on discovering security vulnerabilities for users with minimal knowledge of security vulnerabilities.

Along with discovering network data, it seeks to assess vulnerabilities to find weaknesses in an infrastructure and its relationship to other resources.

This software was created based on the availability and use of all penetration testers, so it is 100% free and does not require API keys to use its features.

What is not

  • Vulnerability Management Platform
  • Full OSINT framework scanner
  • It does not give fast results


  • Discover subdomains
  • Discover resources from the cloud
  • Basic vulnerability scan
  • Scanning policies and optimization
  • Data visualization
  • Data extraction
  • Scheduling and alerts
  • External API integration
  • OAUTH integration
  • Custom scanner extensions


The Press is a PaaS based docker-compose file with pre-installed requirements. Its architecture can be easily scaled, transformed and deployed in many common cloud environments. A web application server based on services such as Nginx, Gunicorn and Django Rest Framework.

Docker container structure


You will find instructions for installing the program as well as instructions for use here.

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