Punchkeyboard the first VR keyboard

PunchKeyboard: Typing can be a pretty difficult test, especially when you hold something on both hands, and that's especially true in virtual reality where you have to keep the game controls constantly.

A developer, however, seems to have found a very practical way to overcome this particular difficulty.Punchkeyboard

Independent VR programmer Jonathan Ravasz has developed a virtual reality keyboard that lets you type without leaving the game controls. The PunchKeyboard is basically a visual interface input that lets you use the ones you hold to type VR.

Optically it looks like a typewriter, but the application has been enhanced with autocomplete functions and predicting the next word to further simplify the typing process.

The virtual keyboard's smart features use data from Reddit's talks as sources, but Ravasz assures it can easily do so by custom dictionaries.

Check out a small video on how PunchKeyboard works:

In case you want to know more about the RunchKeyboard, Ravasz has documented the application's development approach and motivation in blog of.

Ravasz has uploaded all the code and an executable demo file to his repository at GitHub, so you can access the RunchKeyboard code. The application is open source, which means you can make any changes you want.

As RoukKeyboard developer explains, game developers can easily integrate it into their games.


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