PwnedPasswordsChecker: Have your passwords been leaked?

PwnedPasswordsChecker is a tool that checks if the hash of a known password (in SHA1 or NTLM format) is in the "I Have Have Pwned" list of leaks and the number of impressions.

You can download the encrypted password version for SHA1 here or issuing an encrypted password for NTLM here.

After downloading the list it is necessary to convert it to binary using the tool HIBP PasswordList Slimmer


git clone && cd PwnedPasswordsChecker
go build main.go


./PwnedPasswordsChecker {InputHashList} {HashType} put OutputFile} {CompressedHIBPHashList}
./PwnedPasswordsChecker. \ NTLM_LIST.txt NTLM. \ Output.txt. \ Ntlm_hibp_compressed.bin

Application snapshots

You can download the program from here.

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