Q4OS 3.12 for Windows users who do not want Windows

Q4OS 3.12 Centaurus: Q4OS is a Debian-based Linux distribution designed to provide a Trinity Desktop Environment to a Windows user thinking about changing their operating system.

The distribution has simple accessories and provides fixed APIs for complex third-party applications such as Google Chrome, VirtualBox, and various development tools. Let's say distribution is based on stable Debian which means the system is very reliable.


The new Q4OS Centaurus 3.12 operating system is based on Debian Buster 10 (10.5 update) and comes with two DE (desktop environments) Plasma 5.14, and Trinity 14.0.6. Available for 64 and 32bit / i686pae architectures as well as for older i386 systems without the PAE extension. The latest version announced just brings all the changes and fixes of Debian Buster 10.5. changelog From appearance to installation, everything is reminiscent of Microsoft's operating system. If you look at the images, you will notice that even the app installers appear to be from another platform…

Own encoders and drivers On the welcome screen you will find the option to install “Multimedia Codecs” and drivers. No difficulty, just click the button and a guide appears. With a few clicks on "Next" you will see the "Install" option to install your codecs and drivers. Interesting links

Download the new Q4OS 3.12

Try the new version of the distribution from the link below

It is worth mentioning that the operating system also has an Installer for Windows that allows you to install Q4OS directly through the Windows interface. https://www.q4os.org/dnt8.html _______________________

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