Q4OS Linux 1.8.7 for Windows users wanting change

Q4OS is a Debian-based Linux distribution and is designed to offer a familiar Trinity environment to the Windows user who is thinking of changing the operating system.Q4OS

The distribution has simple accessories and provides stable APIs for complex third-party applications, such as , VirtualBox and various development tools.

It is a fast and powerful operating system that offers a highly productive work environment, with the , reliability, long-term stability, and conservative integration of proven new Linux features.

The system is distinguished by its speed and very low hardware requirements. Works great with brand new but also on very old computers.

The system is also very useful for virtual cloud environments because of the very low hardware requirements.

From appearance to installation, everything is reminiscent of Microsoft's operating system. If you look at the images, you will notice that even the app installers appear to be from another platform…

Own encoders and drivers

On the welcome screen you will find the option to install “Multimedia Codecs” and drivers. No difficulty, just click the button and a guide appears. With a few clicks on "Next" you will see the "Install" option to install your codecs and drivers.

New features

The new Q4OS 'Orion' 1.8.7 is the latest stable release distribution and comes with various improvements and corrections.

The default start menu named 'Bourbon' has been tuned for greater functionality. The first Q4OS connection scripts, for example the program's automatic installer s on the web, they work on all supported architectures, including arm64 and armhf.

Several important modifications have been made to Q4OS Orion to allow installation under other Debian-based operating systems.

System packet updates and important security fixes are also provided. All updates are readily available to existing users of Q4OS from distribution repositories.

Download Q4OS Orion

Those interested in trying to distribute can download the ISO they are interested in from the following links:

q4os-live-1.8.7-x64.iso 2017-06-27 556.8 MB Live CD x64
q4os-live-1.8.7-i686pae.iso 2017-06-27 531.6 MB Live CD x32
q4os-1.8.7-i386.iso 2017-06-27 330.3 MB CD x32
q4os-1.8.7-x64.iso 2017-06-27 294.6 MB CD x64

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