Qualcomm Snapdragon Satellite satellite connectivity in Smartphones

Qualcomm announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) that many phone manufacturers, including Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, Nothing and Honor, will bring satellite communication capabilities to their phones. However, there are still no details on which devices will first have these features and when the companies will release them.

qualcomm snapdragon satellite

Qualcomm unveiled its Snapdragon Satellite technology in partnership with satellite service provider Iridium at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last month. Using this solution, smartphones will be able to have two-way messaging capabilities using satellites in emergency situations.

The company said Snapdragon Satellite will be available in upcoming RF modems and several models of 8 and 4 series smartphone processors.

“By integrating Snapdragon Satellite into next-generation devices, our partners will be able to offer satellite messaging capabilities that can enable subscribers around the world to communicate outdoors with emergency service providers, or with family and friends," said Qualcomm's vice president of product management, Francesco Grilli.

Last year, Apple introduced satellite-based emergency communications features with the iPhone 14 series — first in the US and Canada, and later in France, Germany, Ireland and the UK via its Globestar satellite network. Last week, Samsung announced its own satellite technology with the promise of incorporating it into a future smartphone.

British smartphone maker Bullitt, also announced its own satellite technology at CES. It also announced a rugged smartphone with satellite connectivity just days before MWC.

Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek will also showcase its own satellite connectivity for smartphones at the event.

So upcoming smartphones will have emergency satellite communication features for remote areas where conventional connectivity is not reliable.

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