Quantum: At last, Mozilla refreshes the browser engine

The Mozilla Foundation is currently developing a new browser engine called Quantum. The new browser engine will get parts from Project Servo to create a new kernel for the Firefox browser, as David Bryant, head of Mozilla's Engineering Platform, revealed yesterday.

The new engine will replace the ancient Gecko, the engine that has been used for many years by Firefox. Bryant reported that Mozilla hopes to complete the Quantum transfer until the end of 2017.quantum

The first versions of Qyantum will be based largely on data from the Servo, a Mozilla browser you are developing in recent years.

The Servo browser engine is written in Rust, a programming language created by Mozilla also in recent years. Bryant reported that Quantum would use Rust extensively on the basis of his code.

So the upcoming year, Mozilla will begin to slowly add Gecko components to the Gecko component of Project Servo to each new version, while removing the Gecko's ancient code, leaving the Quantum engine in place.

The reason why change is necessary is that Gecko was developed at a time when computers were running with single-core processors.

Meanwhile, most computers and mobile phones are now running on multi-core architectures, and they use powerful GPU cards that allow for better performance and better graphics.

Bryant reported that Quantum will develop with these developments in mind, and will bring better performances while surfing the web, and real-time interactions.

It also states that a change in the Rust code will also improve the overall security of the browser. The Mozilla Foundation started using the first ingredients written with Rust by Firefox 48.

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