Quark Linux and leave Windows

Quark is a user-friendly operating system based on Ubuntu Linux with a Plasma user interface and built-in unique tools Q4OS distribution. The goal of the new distribution is to provide an Ubuntu-based operating system with the conveniences of Q4OS.

Unlike the Q4OS distribution, which is based on Debian, the Quark distribution is based on Ubuntu.

Another unique feature of Quark is the support for running the extremely fast and efficient Trinity user interface alongside the default Plasma desktop. Just select Trinity in the Desktop Setup tool and enjoy it once it is installed.

There are currently live images of the Quark distribution in two variants, which are in fact the same, except for the default theme.

Download the ISO you are interested in

The main one has the theme of the Q4OS Debonaire distribution while the second variant has a theme like Windows 10, for users who would prefer the look and feel of the Microsoft operating system.

The Windows theme is for free software projects only, and no copyrighted information is used.

See the pictures

And with Plasma Desktop

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