Quiet Mode from Facebook to stop Facebook

Quiet Mode: "Digital Prosperity" or 'Digital wellbeing, 'is a movement that aims to limit our digital time on our devices so that we can focus on other things. The idea probably reached Facebook as well, as you will read below, it tries to make you stop using Facebook.

The company he said recently a new feature called 'Quiet Mode', which does what one would expect by reading its name: it limits notifications and time spent on the app.

Quiet Mode

Facebook says the new feature "stops most push notifications" and that opening Facebook when enabled will "remind you that you've set a goal to limit your time on the app."

Quiet Mode, as Facebook calls it, also has some shortcuts to the app's notification settings and feed preferences, so you can customize the types of Facebook notifications and posts you want to track.

The new Quiet Mode feature is not yet available to everyone, but when it comes to your app it can be activated from your Facebook settings by selecting "Your Time on Facebook." Silent mode will show you how long you stay in the application, and you can schedule the activation for specific times of the day.

It seems to be a nice move from the larger social networks, considering that the company invests in user addiction.
Of course the timing of activating the new service probably does not help so much, since most people stay at home, and the internet is an easy way out.

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