Explore the natural wonders of the world with the Google Earth geography test

If you love geography and the wonders of nature, then you should definitely try Quiz Natural Wonders, a wonderful mini geography quiz from Google Earth.

The Google Earth Quiz Natural Wonders, which was created in collaboration with Atlas Obscura, is a multiplayer knowledge game that will ask you to identify strange locations around the world.

As he says Google Earth blog : “Atlas Obscura takes you to some of the most beautiful and interesting places on the planet. Do you know where the Morning Glory Pool is? Or Dallol hot springs? See how well you know your planet and explore these places in Google Earth. ”

The quiz is a perfect blend of history and geography. He asks you and then guides you through Street View to the 7 most amazing places on Earth. You just click the blue "Let's Go" button to start the game. Unfortunately, it only supports English, and the questions do not require any special knowledge of English.

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For each question you are asked, choose an answer from the 3 multiple options and Google Earth will give you the answer. Of course you always have our planet in front of you in 3D and you can go to that point to explore it further. Google Earth answers are accompanied by corresponding 360-degree photos from the street view, as well as a small update on these points. you will see different parts of the Earth, from ice caves in Alaska to the bloody salt mines of Ethiopia.

There are currently only seven questions in the first version of this quiz. Google Earth will continue to update quizzes on other topics, as it hints that the next could be for "magnificent castles and palaces". Until then, do not miss the current with the natural landscapes of the Earth.

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