Ragnarok ransomware released decryption key

The Ragnarok ransomware team appears to have released a master key that can decrypt files locked by malware.

The ransomware developer did not explain the move but posted a brief guide on how to decrypt files on his site.
decryption keys
The leak site has been removed and all that remains is the short text containing a file with the master key and the accompanying binaries for its use.

Looking at the page, it seems that the team was not planning to stop and just deleted everything and stopped its operation.

Earlier in the day, Ragnarok ransomware's leak site showed 12 victims, who were added between July 7 and August 16, according to the online threat website HackNotice.

By posting the victims on their website, the Ragnarok team tried to force them to pay a ransom, threatening to leak the unencrypted files that had been stolen during the intrusion.

The violated companies are from France, Estonia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Thailand, USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Spain and Italy and are active in various sectors, from construction to legal services.


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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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