TrendMicro Ransom Buster Free for a limited time

TrendMicro Ransom Buster is a standalone application for Windows-based systems and offers (according to the company) data protection from all forms of ransomware.

TrendMicro says the Ransom Buster is free for a limited time, without saying how long it is. The most likely explanation is that the company plans to release the application after some testing by the general public.Ransom Buster

Please note that those who use TrendMicro products do not need the above application, as the company's security applications incorporate the same feature.

You can download its 120MB Ransom Buster from the link at the end of the publication. During installation, the software connects to a TrendMicro server, and starts with a compatibility check of your system. You will be prompted to provide an email address during the last installation step. This step is mandatory, but it does not seem necessary to verify this address.

Immediately after Ransom Buster loads a configuration wizard, you can use it to select Windows folders that you want to protect the application.

Please note that the program protects all files in the Documents folder by default, and that you can add more folders by clicking on Manage folders.

Those interested can download the application from the link below:

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