Unlock files that are infected by AutoLocky ransomware

Eventually Fabian Wosar, a leading malware analyst Emsisoft, managed to release a Decrypter for a new variant of ransomware called AutoLocky.AutoLocks Decrypter

AutoLocky mimics one of the most famous and dangerous Locky ransomware that appeared at the beginning of 2016.

Malicious software encrypts the victim's computer files and requires a ransom to decrypt them.

Below is a list of 217 file types encrypted by AutoLocky:


Fraudsters ask for 300 dollars at Bitcoin to unlock the files.

Fabian Wosar seems to have discovered someone at AutoLocky and so he was able to release a Decrypter. You can download the Decrypter from the link at the end of the article.

Once you run Decrypter you will need to select the location of your encrypted files to start the decryption process.

You have to be careful. Until the validity of the decryption key is checked, you should create a copy of your encrypted files.


AutoLocks Decrypter

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