Ransomware Crysis; Free decryptor from ESET

ESET has designed a free decryptor for encrypted viruses to help users whose data have been encrypted by Crysis family ransomware (detected by ESET as Win32 / Filecoder.Crysis). unlock ESET

The tool was designed using the original decryption keys, recently released via a forum on BleepingComputer.com.

The Crysis malware family became known after one of its main competitors, TeslaCrypt, ceased operations at the beginning of this year. Its multi-channel expansion has been detected by ESET systems thousands of times worldwide.

Those who have fallen victim to Crysis ransomware can download ESET's Crysis decryptor from the free utilities page or from the link at the end of the release.

For information about using the tool, users can browse the page ESET Knowledgebase.

It is worth noting that the new variants of this ransomware family may use newer keys, making decryption of infected files impossible.


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