Razer Blade: The laptop that "pulls" eyes

Η Razer is known to us all for the quality peripheral computer that is on the market. This, however, we do not know is that η company is also active in the manufacture of laptop laptops and with some extremely impressive suggestions.


Let's take, for example, the company's Blade, which won many awards last year as the best laptop of the year. While the overall picture was excellent, the model was in the monitor sector, since the TN panel it used was not the same as the other, exceptional components. The company took note of the reviews and this year it presents the refreshed Blade, featuring a brand new IPS IGZO panel. This change not only means that we will enjoy wonderful colors on our computer. The analysis of the model has risen dramatically and now reaches 3200 x 1800 pixels, leaving behind the competition!

Inside the Blade is Intel's Core i7-4702HQ quad-core processor, while NVIDIA GTX 870M brand new graphics drive. This particular composition allows us to play with ultra settings on 1080p, making the laptop look like a great choice for the gamer who enjoys portability.

In addition, the new model screen is multi-touch 10 points, which ensures that we get the most out of Windows 8.1, which comes pre-loaded with its purchase.


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