RealDoll dolls with artificial intelligence for dirty sex

Stop trying to get Siri to talk dirty to you and get ready for RealDoll. Matt McMullen, the inventor of RealDoll, promises dolls for dirty sex with artificial intelligenceRealdoll.

Not only body but also mind…

Matt McMullen's RealDolls will be live silicone sex dolls that will cost from $ 5.000 to $ 10.000…. Of course when we talk about one High-End Sex Toy, its price of course and will be High-End.

At the moment, they are just dolls, but their inventor is said to be developing artificial intelligence that can analyze and respond to your dirty words, according to the New York Times.

He is currently working with a team of AI designers to create a RealDoll. A female robot who will be able to answer her partner's questions and movements as if she were a human.

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