recALL 19.05 Recover keys, and login information in Windows

recALL: Whenever you change PC, or upgrade your operating system, you may need some applications, and Windows login information.

If you paid for a plan, for example, you may want to continue using it on your new PC.

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The same applies when you re-install your software system or upgrade to a new version, and you need to transfer all the stored information from the old version.

A problem that may arise is that you can not see the product keys. You may have lost the email or the key is not logged somewhere in the application.

The same goes for system information. If you've set up WinSCP to store usernames and passwords, you may want to transfer them all over to your new system.

recALL is a program that can do this for you. It works similarly to other programs of its kind, but seems to offer more extensive support than any program you know so far.

The program can recover serial codes from many programs, including all Microsoft programs.

In addition to this, it is possible to retrieve login information from many communication programs, such as web browsers, FTP clients, messengers or database programs.

The app supports more than 2500 programs in total!

When you start the application for the first time it will run an automatic scan of your system, or you can select a manual scan to only one program you are interested in.

Auto Scan searches the entire system for serial numbers and saved accounts and will display them to the program interface.

You can use the Ctrl-C keys to copy the information of a selected series or rows to your clipboard. The other option you have is to double-click a row to display the information in text fields that you can copy individually.

Items found during scanning can be saved after completion.

You can download a portable version of the program from official webpage ή from here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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