Recall GoPro Karma because they fall by themselves from the sky

GoPro announced today that it is recalling the approximately 2.500 drones GoPro Karma sold so far after 16 days on the shelves.

gopro recall

The reason is that there is a possibility drone worth $ 799 dollars lose power during the flight and fall from the sky.

In a note to her customers published on her website GoPro with Title "Karma recall and return information"States that all owners of the drones should return and take back their full money.

The company says that a "small number" of Karma drones "lost their power during operation" and that it is asking every Karma owner to stop using it and send it back to the shop that bought it even if it seems that the drone is functioning properly. No injuries have been reported so far, but you certainly don't want your drone to suddenly fall on someone's head or fall off somewhere.

The recall is a huge blow to GoPro, and a rather unexpected success for the Karma rival, the DJI Mavic drone.

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