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Today the Google has announced that everyone unhappy with CAPTCHAs should be happy. Of course it did not announce this, but the new CAPTCHA known service is designed to block automated connections to malicious users using bots. totally unreadable reCaptcha reCaptcha reCaptcha reCaptcha

The good news is that you will no longer have to try to guess what the deformed letters and numbers are. Google says it can, in many cases, recognize the difference between a person or an automated program simply by watching the user's movements. It will then be able to separate a person from a machine in the way the mouse moves.

"For most users, this dramatically simplifies the experience," says Vinay Shet, product manager at Google's Captcha team. "You can solve the catptcha without having to solve it."
Google's new captcha, which requires just one click in a box.Recaptcha

The new Google captcha, which requires just one click in a box.

So instead of the traditional distorted words, “ReCaptchaGoogle will look at messages that each user inadvertently sends: IP addresses and cookies will provide proof that the user is genuine as Google remembers him / her from elsewhere on the internet. Shet also said that the user's tiny mouse movements as he hovers as he approaches a box can help the company reveal automated bots.

"All of this gives us a model for how a person behaves," says Shet. "It's a whole process that a bot can't get over." He adds that Google will use other variables that it will not disclose, so as not to help botmasters improve their software and undermine Google's filters.

In cases where a simple click does not work, a pop-up window will appear and will require users to decipher the same old distorted text.

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For smartphones and tablets, Google has not yet developed a single-click captcha. Instead, it will show users a collection of images and ask them to make distinctions that are difficult for bots to make.

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