reconftw: Simple and easy to use Recon script

Reconftw is an open source program written in golang that helps us gather important information about our goals.


  • Tools checker
  • Google Dorks (based on deggogle_hunter)
  • Subdomain enumeration (passive, resolution, bruteforce and permutations)
  • Sub TKO (subjack and nuclei)
  • Web Prober (httpx)
  • Web screenshot (aquatone)
  • Template scanner (nuclei)
  • Port Scanner (new)
  • Url extraction (waybackurls, gau, hakrawler, github-endpoints)
  • Pattern Search (gf and gf-patterns)
  • Param discovery (paramspider and arjun)
  • XSS (Gxss and dalfox)
  • Open redirect (Openredirex)
  • SSRF checks (from m4ll0k / Bug-Bounty-Toolz /
  • Github Check (git-hound)
  • Favicon Real IP (fav-up)
  • JS Checks (LinkFinder, SecretFinder, scripts from JSFScan)
  • Fuzzing (ffuf)
  • Cors (Corsy)
  • SSL Check (testssl)
  • Interlace integration
  • Custom output folder (default under Recon / /)
  • Run standalone steps (subdomains, subtko, web, gdorks…)
  • Polished installer compatible with most distros
  • Verbose mode
  • Update tools script

Installation and Use

git clone
cd reconftw chmod + x *.sh ./ ./ -d -a

Mindmap / Workflow


Full scan:

./ -d -a

Subdomains scan:

./ -d -s

Web scan:

./ -d -l targets.txt -w


./ -d -g

You can download the program from here.


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