Create a USB recovery disc for Windows 8-8.1

Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 have a very useful utility that allows you to create a USB recovery. If something happens in your operating system, let's say it can not start, then you can use USB to retrieve Window 8, Window RT, Window 8.1, or Windows RT 8.1.

This disk will be very useful if you do not have other bootable media, eg. the installation tray Windows. Follow the steps below to create your own USB without third-party tools.

Connect a USB flash drive that is at least 4 GB to your computer. All the data in this will be deleted, so if you have something useful stored, keep a backup before proceeding.

Open the Start screen and type Recovery. Select Create a recovery drive from the search results:

Recovery Windows

Alternatively, open the run by pressing the Win + R keys and type the following text in the box:


Access the application from the UAC if the known window appears. Your Recovery Drive will run.
If you have a laptop with an OEM recovery partition, you will be able to copy its contents to your recovery unit. The "Copy contents from the recovery partition to the recovery drive" box must be checked.

Drive Recovery wizard
Once you have copied the partition to the recovery drive, optionally, you can delete the OEM partition by using the Recovery Drive wizard.

We recommend that you do not delete it, as it may also spoil the built-in Windows 8 Renewal and Restore feature. It would be best to keep the recovery partition.

In the screenshot we used above, the option "Copy contents from the recovery partition to the recovery drive" is gray because the computer we created this driver does not use Windows in OEM version.
Follow the installation wizard and wait until all the necessary files are copied.

Are you ready. The next time your PC or laptop experiences a problem, you can use the USB drive you just created to recover your system.

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