Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 released the first beta

Red Hat has announced the availability of a beta version of the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. The beta version focuses on security, and Application Streams and Linux container technologies.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta introduces the Application Streams concept for the simplest and most flexible delivery of user packages. Userspace data can now be updated faster than the basic operating system packages without having to wait for the next major operating system release.

The announcement continues:

"Multiple versions of the same package, for example an updated language or a database, may also be available for installation via an Application Stream.
This will give Red Hat Enterprise Linux more flexibility without compromising the stability of the platform. ”

More information can be found at official announcement of the issue by the company and at releasenotes.

The installation hats of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta can be downloaded from the company's customer portal. To try out the new version of the distribution registration required.


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