Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8: Kernel 4.18 & GNOME 3.28 in Wayland

Red Hat has just announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, a new OS that comes with GNOME 3.28 running in Wayland as the default desktop environment.

The new version also includes an image creator to create custom distribution images.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

The announcement states:

Based on Fedora 28 and the upstream kernel 4.18, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 will provide users with a stable, secure background in hybrid cloud, as well as the tools needed to support traditional and emerging jobs.

Highlights of the new release: Distribution Content is available through BaseOS and Application Stream (AppStream) repositories.

The AppStream repository supports a new extension of the traditional RPM format - so that many basic versions of a package are available for installation. YUM package manager is now based on DNF technology and provides support for modular content, which provides increased performance and a well-designed stable API for integration into tools.

More details can be found at release notes of the company. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 can be downloaded through customer portal of Red Hat (registration required).




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