Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.5 beta Releases for testing

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.5 beta: Red Hat's main goal with the new release is security.

The RHEL 7.5 Beta is designed to provide a solid foundation in the hybrid cloud. It also brings basically new and improved features for security, compliance, platform efficiency and manageability.RHEL

The youngest member of the RHEL 7 family supports not only x86 chips but also IBM Power, IBM System z and ARM.

For security reasons, in addition to improvements for Meltdown and Specter, Red Hat also brings the following security features to RHEL 7.5:

  • Security and usability improvements for cloud and remote hosted systems that can more securely unlock encrypted devices connected to the network at boot time. This will eliminate the need for manual intervention in a startup process that is often timed.
  • Embedding Red Hat Ansoft DevOps Automation with OpenSCAP will facilitate the automation of damage recovery. It will also allow administrators to more effectively process policies on servers and clouds.
  • Compliance Improvements for Accurate Timing and Synchronization Needs with the addition of failover with connection interfaces for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

In addition to RHEL's greater security, Red Hat also seeks to improve storage capacity by importing the data optimizer (virtual data optimizer or VDO). It is a new technology that comes from the acquisition of Permabit by Red Hat.

Want to know more about the beta version? You can read the release notes of RHEL 7.5. Or better, you can download RHEL 7.5 and try it yourself.

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