Red Shell what is it and how can I turn it off?

It was recently discovered that top game developers are adding software called Red Shell to their games.

Red Shell is a tracking software that developers initially thought was harmless and used to gather basic data. But like proved Red Shell collects a lot more data than the developers initially thought and of course the players started to get impatient. Red Shell

So many of the developers started removing Red Shell from their games, but not all of them do. If you are playing a game from which it has not been removed, you can block it from communicating with the developer.

To block Red Shell, you can add the servers it communicates to in the Windows host file. Thus, by stopping the communication path with the servers, Red Shell will not be able to send your data to the service servers.

Let's see how it works:

Open Notepad with administrator privileges. How; In Windows Search, type notepad, right-click the icon, and select Run as Administrator. Alternatively, open RUN with the Win + R keyboard shortcut, type notepad and press the 3 Ctrl + shift + Enter keys together.

From Notebook, File - Open and follow the path below:

C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc

Select the Hosts file. Make sure you change the file type from text files to all files.
In the hosts file, add the following at the end:

On Linux systems

Open a Terminal and give the following command

sudo nano / etc / hosts

You will need to provide the root password. Add the following to the processor that will open:

If you do not know how to store files that you edit with the nano processor, press the two keys together: Ctrl + O.

That was it, you are ready.


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