RedTeam Toolkit: A useful offensive tool!

Red Team Toolkit is an open source application, containing useful offensive tools used by red teamers to identify vulnerabilities and multiple security vulnerabilities.

Contains open source tools such as nmap, rustscan, dirsearch, shredder, circl, crowbar, etc. where they are used as a powerful tool kit together.

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It currently supports the following options:

  • FullScan (scan ports and vulnerabilities / CVE on target - PDF output)
  • Livehosts (scan all active network-wide servers - Save to PDF)
  • DirScan (scan all directories to a target - Save to PDF)
  • CVE description (search for a CVE-ID and get information)
  • SSH Dictionary Attack
  • RDP BruteForce
  • HTTP Verb Tampering
  • Web Apps section
  • Linux module for exploiting CVE for Linux
  • Windows module for Windows CVE exploitation


$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa: longsleep / golang-backports $ sudo apt update && sudo apt install python3-pip python3-venv python3-django golang-go postgresql postgresql-contrib nmap git openvpn freerdp2-x11 tigervnc-viewer $ git clone && cd RedTeam_toolkit $ go install $ cp / home /$(whoami)/ go / bin / hakrawler ./toolkit/scripts/webapp

Application snapshots


  • RDP BruteForce

rdp bruteforce

  • CVE Description

cve description



You will find more information about installing and using the program here.

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