Refract 9.0 based on Deuvan also without systemd

The developers of the Refracta project announced the release of version 9.0. Refracta is a Linux desktop distribution based on the Deuvan distribution (does not use systemd) and has an Xfce desktop (version 4.12).

The new update brings many improvements, such as the ability to create Live ISO from an installed Refracta system: Refracta

"Refracta GNU / Linux has released a new stable version (9.0) on from Devuan 2.0 (Ascii) providing a light desktop that contains software for most of your needs ”.

Refracta Features:

Linux kernel 4.9, SysVInit, eudev, elogind, Xfce 4.12.3. The desktop is installed individually rather than from metapackages, making it easier to remove individual components, such as diagnostic utilities, restore and repair applications.
The Refracta Snapshot and Refracta Installer applications allow you to easily create your own Live ISO image from the installed system. ”

See the whole the release of the new version but also release notes for more information.


refracta9_xfce_amd64-20190206_1724.iso (708MB)

refracta9_xfce_i386-20190206_1742.iso (717MB)


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