Regata OS 23.0.5 like Windows 11: Linux for gaming too

Regata OS is a Linux distribution based on openSUSE, and focuses on desktops and gaming.

Its main features include a Regata OS store for installing apps and games, out-of-the-box integration with Google Drive, support for game mode via the Vulkan graphics API, an extensive game library on the Regata OS Game Access portal, support for configuring hybrid graphics on notebooks and easy file transfer between PC and smartphone.

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The distribution's user interface is KDE Plasma, which as you can see in the image is configured like Windows 11.

With the Regata OS Store, it's much easier to install the apps and games that can't be missing from your life.

Besides easily downloading your favorite apps, there's nothing easier than finding a new app that improves the way you work. Regata OS Store pages not only have descriptions, but also provide more information about how an app works, making it easier to discover your next favorite app or game.

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In addition to being able to access and play games available in the Steam library on Regata OS that were previously Windows-only via Steam Play/Proton, with Regata OS Game Access you can access and play your available games on the catalog of other digital game distribution services, such as from Origin,, Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store.

Regata OS supports hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding thanks to the latest technologies from FFmpeg, a comprehensive cross-platform solution for recording, converting and streaming audio and video.

This basically means you can encode video using technologies like NVENC (for NVIDIA graphics cards) and Advanced Media Framework (for newer AMD Radeon graphics cards).

You can download the distribution from here

or from here The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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