Reimagine : Redesign your home with AI

REimagine is a free online tool that can redesign any room using AI.


If you want to see how your house will look if you change its furniture, then the free REimagine online tool is what you need.

It takes a picture of your living room or bedroom that you upload to it, and then rearranges the objects in it using AI. It intelligently recognizes the objects in the room, such as tables, bedrooms, chairs, etc. and then creates a frame around them. Then he fills the box with other objects he deems appropriate for that particular point.

The REimagine tool uses artificial intelligence to redesign any living room or bedroom. It's completely free to use and all you have to do is sign up for a free account online. Registration should be through your Google account.

The website if you don't want to sign up gives you 2 photos to play with and see what it can do.

Way of use
Go to the site and then sign up for a free account. After logging in and reaching the main interface, you will need to upload a photo of a room. Alternatively, you can just download an image from Google if you just want to try it out.

After you upload your photo, you need to wait a few seconds for REimagine to process the photo and all the objects in it. It won't take you long.

And when your photo is done processing, it will show you four different variations of your room with different objects inside. If you want, you can create further variations.

Click on any AI-generated photo of your room, then click download to download it. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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